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DevOps from the Front Lines: Enterprise Adoption Principles and Pitfalls So, what do I think of when I’m told a company wants to adopt DevOps? The first thing that comes to mind is the size of the organization, and how far they want to take DevOps best practices. I really want to know what DevOps adoption will mean for the company. In my experience, it gets especially interesting for large organizations that rely on a lot of applications and teams. There are important principles that support adoption. First, adoption should include a clear directive of how people and processes will be organized to manage application lifecycles and their interdependencies. Adoption also includes selecting the optimal technologies to manage the lifecycle and pipeline. Next, DevOps governance should specifically address: Cloud-based infrastructure services – both private and public optio... (more)

The Art of DevOps | Part 1 By @Dynatrace | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

The Art of DevOps: An Introduction to the Landscape Welcome to my four-part series on what I'm going to call the Art of DevOps. We will embark on a mission to reveal the extremely valuable intelligence that's been collected about a unique strategy to continuously deliver assets to the operational battleground safely, securely and quickly. This strategy drives optimal monitoring of the frontlines and enhanced communications with the troops supporting the initial development. I do make the assumption that most of you are battle-worthy veterans in one or more of the environments th... (more)

The Art of DevOps | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps #Containers #Microservices]

The Art of DevOps | Part 3 In this 4-part blog series, I am exposing DevOps best practices using a metaphor inspired by the famous 6th century Chinese manuscript: "The Art of War." It is worth reminding that Sun Tzu, just like me, considered war as a necessary evil, which must be avoided whenever possible. What are we fighting for here? Ultimately, we're fighting for the absolute best services and features that we can deliver to our customers as quickly as we possibly can, and to eliminate the "War Room" scenario we are all so familiar with. When we last left off, the troops had ... (more)

The Art of DevOps | Part 2 By @Brett_Solarch | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Welcome to Part Two of my four-part series on The Art of DevOps. I had set the stage in Part One so in this article I will focus on the primary objectives in executing a solid DevOps operation specifically within the Islands of Development. The intel herein revolves around clear, concise communications and sharpening defenses in the continuous delivery pipeline by engaging a higher level of intelligence: advanced performance management. Let's hunker down and scrutinize the critical drills used to research, build and assemble assets for better quality, precision and readiness befo... (more)